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There’s light at the end of the tunnel!. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we’re opening up again and we know there are going to be lots of lovely ladies and gentlemen out there looking for some help to give their self-confidence a boost and help them feel great after being locked down for so long.

It’s important to remember that when considering any type of semi-permanent makeup, microblading, or aesthetics such as; lip fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, it’s essential to look at the track record of the individual or company you’re considering to carry out the treatment. After all, when it comes to anything that’s either permanent or semi-permanent, it goes without saying that the effects are going to last for a while! Be sure to take a look at the NHS guidelines on choosing the right practitioner and things to take into account.

In the news

The daily newspapers and the internet are awash with horror stories of botched cosmetic treatments that have gone disastrously wrong, either leading the victim to desperately find another more competent practitioner to undo the damage that’s been done or worse still, landing the person in hospital.

There’s no doubt that the internet can sometimes be a risky place to find what you’re looking for and while most people’s experience is generally a positive one when it comes to finding a good semi-permanent makeup practitioner, there are still plenty of under-experienced and under-qualified ones that are happy to part you with your hard-earned cash without delivering the end result that they’ve promised.

Do your homework on semi-permanent makeup practitioners

One way that the consumer can get a better understanding of the background, history and level of service a company or individual provides is to read through their reviews. There are now a large number of review websites that many businesses subscribe to such a Checkatrade and Trustpilot. Some of these sites can be costly to join and the hefty joining fees put many small business owners off.

Fortunately, both Facebook and Google offer the same kind of review opportunity for free and in our opinion, both are actually far better. With so many people using Facebook, this incredibly popular social networking website provides a quick and convenient way for clients to leave reviews on the companies that they’ve recently used. We’re no exception; our business does, of course, have a Facebook page and is also one of the main places for our reviews. Similarly, Google reviews are an incredibly useful way to vet a practitioner before making a booking.

Genuine or fake?

Some review websites are better than others and some have better vetting processes for those leaving reviews. Unfortunately, it’s always going to be the case that not all reviews you read are genuine and some review websites make it all too easy for anonymous users to leave as many fake reviews for a company as they like. This is why Facebook and Google reviews are the right choice for us. Each review we receive for our semi-permanent makeup, microblading, beauty treatments and aesthetics comes from a real person and each of those are people that have used us for one of the services we provide. We’re based in Kent but many of our customers travel from far and wide because of the amazing reputation we have.

Read our semi-permanent makeup and aesthetics reviews on Facebook and Google

If you’ve just found our website on the internet and are reading this because you’ve clicked on our news page, then please take a moment to read our Facebook Reviews. This will give you a good idea of what we do and how well we do it; you can then decide if we’re the right choice for you. If you’d like to read even more, head over to our Google Reviews and you’ll see similar results.

If you’re reading this post during a quick break from your daily routine and don’t have time to scan through all of the reviews that have been written for us, here is a selection of my favourites:

Today I had my top up with Georgie, I am so pleased with my Brows, I was really nervous on my 1st appointment but Georgie talked me through everything helped me decide the right shape for my face. She really helped give me the perfect shape and arch that I had always wanted for so long. She also covered my eyebrow scar which has made a massive difference to me. I love the fact that my brows are more defined and how they have lifted my eyes. Having the perfect eyebrow shape makes a real difference to your face.
Georgie’s clinic is really Lovely, spotless and welcoming. I wouldn’t go to anyone else and would highly recommend Georgie to anyone wanting to have the Perfect Microbladed Eyebrows. She really is amazing at what she does. Highly recommended.

Nicola on Facebook

Couldn’t be happier with my lips. Not one bit of lumpiness anywhere! The clinic is absolutely beautiful and the girls are so lovely. Will definitely be going back for more treatments. X

Hollie on Google

Georgie came to my aid when I asked her about microblading my eyebrows due to my chemotherapy. I knew I would lose mine. It was very short notice because of the healing time but Georgie really pulled out all the stops for me to get them done in time, checking with my oncologist and with her insurance company. I was so very pleased I had them done. The process was painless and the healing time quick. The colour great. Now I am halfway through my chemo I couldn’t be more happy with them. Thank you Georgie, you are a lovely lady and you have made me feel so much better. I couldn’t recommend you enough. Xx

Anonymous on Google

Absolutely love my brows!!! Georgie was so kind and helpful right from the first phonecall! I was soooo nervous and had wanted them done for years but was too scared as worried they’d go wrong or something. So glad I did my research and found Immaculate Touch. Feel like new woman and has changed the look of my face.

Cat on Google

I was between the chaos of cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy when a friend gently reminded me that alongside the hair loss on my head, my eyebrows would also fall out and that I would have to draw them on every day. Makeup is not my forte, and neither is drawing and so my quest for microblading began. I had only 10 days (infection risk post-treatment) to find someone that wouldn’t mess my face up.

Semipermanent makeup is not a decision that I took lightly-would they be too dark? Too blocky? Would I end up with two sets of eyebrows once this is all over? I called a few places and explained my predicament, looked at pictures of peoples work and probably spent 48 hours panicking.

I didn’t get through to Georgie at first, in fact she called me back a couple of hours later. I will be forever grateful that she did. We had a chat, I explained my situation, my concerns and she listened patiently and offered to squeeze me in that week. I decided that she was the one! I looked at her work some more, discussed it with my regular beautician who also looked and agreed that based on the pictures, Immaculate Touch was definitely the best place to go to get what I wanted. Natural-looking eyebrows that would make me look normal during my treatment. This really mattered to me. It terrified me to look in the mirror and not have them.

I drove a fair distance to see Georgie, from Hythe to Dartford, but again, I’m so happy I did. We had a chat, and I explained that I didn’t want to change the shape of my face. I’d had my eyebrows waxed and tinted as normal 2 days before. Georgie offered to slightly arch them to open up my face and I’m glad I listened to her. We went to the treatment room and she drew where she was going to microblade, showed me in the mirror first. We discussed it again and then she began. I bravely went without the numbing cream for all of 2 seconds-it’s a weird pain, like you can almost hear it as well, but as soon as the cream was on, it was comfortable. We had a lovely chat during the treatment, I can honestly say I felt like I’d known her years. It was a bit of therapy as well!

The microblading took about half an hour I think, they looked amazing. I duly took a selfie to send to those in the know and everyone agreed they looked fab.

A couple of days later and oh my god they were dark. I was terrified despite all the reassurance and I thought they would never go down. I felt like an extra from TOWIE and not in a good way. People noticed I’d had them down but were really complimentary and I think they were genuine. I was just very aware of them. Another couple of days later and they’d calmed right down. I was very very grateful by this point to know that I didn’t have to worry about them anymore. To know I’d have a line to draw to during chemo was a relief I can’t even explain. The compliments still rolled in and bizarrely, it was a great opener to tell people of my recent diagnosis!

As it happens, I’m 3 treatments in now, (out of six) and so far, my eyebrows haven’t all gone anyway. (I have it on good authority that they will!) They’re patchy but because of the microblading, you can’t see and I don’t even need to fill them out with powder yet. The best thing about them is that (as dictated by certain kind of law!) when the monobrow and strays come in, you can hardly notice anymore. My beautician could not believe it, I said to her ‘they need doing’ and she didn’t believe it until she got up close under the lamp.

I would highly recommend microblading, if done well, it makes a massive difference to the face and can take years off. It also means you don’t have to mess around with brow powders etc, which if you care-but not enough to bother every day, it’s perfect! And if you’re going to go for microblading, I would more than highly recommend Georgie. Not only because she is a genuinely kind, warm and a good person (it does matter) but because she’s bloody good at it. You don’t want someone who’s not good at it drawing on your face!

Katy on Google

It’s not just a job

For me, running an aesthetics and semi-permanent makeup business isn’t just about earning a living, it also provides me with an opportunity to genuinely help people who are suffering from a variety of conditions that are adversely affecting their lives that can be helped with semi-permanent makeup. In particular, I find helping people who have undergone aggressive cancer treatment such as chemotherapy particularly rewarding. Here is one such review from a lovely lady called Jenny to illustrate what I mean:

I had microblading of my eyebrows a week ago and they are amazing, I’m so pleased with the results. I also had my little red thread veins on my face treated and again, the difference is incredible. Why didn’t I get this done years ago? Georgie is the loveliest person one could wish to meet. I am experiencing a few of life’s health hiccups at the moment and she was so kind and compassionate, I actually cried. When I’m better I will definitely come back and see her again for some more treatments. Thank you so much Georgie, you’ve really made me feel much better xx

What will you say?

If you’ve read our reviews and like what you’ve read, please get in touch to arrange a consultation at our Luxury Kent clinic. I’m confident that we’ll do a great job and afterwards, I’d love it if you could leave us a review of your own!

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