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A note from Georgie

If you live in Gravesend it’s worth travelling that little bit further for the perfect result when it comes to semi permanent makeup and microblade eyebrows as you will have to live with the consequences for some time afterwards.

With over 6 yrs experience and so many satisfied customers, you are guaranteed to go away feeling happy and confident. I always take my time and give a thorough consultation before any treatment begins. I have clients that travel for many miles, some even flying in as they know they can trust my work and will get the perfect look every time.

Check out my Testimonials Page to read what some of my previous clients have to say.

There is also a great little Farmhouse Tea Room next door where you can go and relax before or after your treatment.

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Microblading near Gravesend

Microblading for your eyebrows is a long-lasting natural enhancement, helping you to wake up every morning in Gravesend looking as Immaculate as you did the night before. Our treatments start with a consultation, ensuring that you are completely comfortable before going ahead. This includes discussing the shape and colour of your new brows.

If your daily regime in Gravesend involves the tiresome ritual of penciling in your eyebrows, a microblade treatment (also known as “eyebrow embroidery”) could be life-changing. It’s also ideal if you spend a fortune on eyebrow makeup or are tired of having hardly any eyebrows at all.

Machine method eyebrows near Gravesend

Machine method eyebrows are similar to tattooing, so it’s not entirely painless. However, the treatments are gentler and less invasive than normal tattooing and an anaesthetic cream is applied before the treatment to reduce discomfort even further.

Based in East Malling, we’re only a short trip away from Gravesend for Machine Method Brows. This innovative process can create many looks including the new Ombré brow treatment, which is a soft powdered effect brow that fades at the edges. Ombré brows, powder brows and Hairstroke simulation can all be achieved by the machine.

Semi permanent eyeliner near Gravesend

Whether you choose a subtle ‘lash enhancement’ following your own lash line or a more thicker and striking look, semi permanent eyeliner promises to open up any eye and offers you the benefit of not having to reapply it every day in Gravesend with the struggle of creating an even look on each eye.

Save time and money

This is where semi permanent eyeliner, also known as eyeliner tattoo, can be a life changer.  Expertly applied semi permanent eyeliner gives you results similar to professional makeup without the need to remove it every night or reapply it during your morning routine in Gravesend.

Semi permanent eyeliner is applied using Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU), also known as micropigmentation.  The technique involves the use of precision equipment to deposit small amounts of hypoallergenic pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance your natural beauty.

Semi Permanent lip tint and liners near Gravesend

We provide full lip tints (otherwise known as Ombre lips) and permanent makeup lip liners. We’ve helped many clients from the Gravesend area gain fuller, bolder, more beautiful lips. Using semi permanent makeup, we can expertly shape and colour your lips, producing a natural anti-ageing look, also correcting any dissymmetry issues. We only use the very latest techniques of semi permanent makeup for your lips to help you achieve a long-lasting perfect shape and colour. This is carefully crafted to compliment the shape of your face, natural smile but most importantly your skin tone.

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