The perfect brow shape creates a beautiful frame that suits your face

What are microbladed eyebrows?

Imagine waking up to natural looking, perfectly groomed eyebrows that enhance your looks – every day.

Microblading is a tattooing technique that uses a hand tool to apply pigment. Your beautician will create natural looking, ultra-fine lines that resemble individual hairs. Semi permanent eyebrows look beautiful and natural. They can also be a life-changing method for those with very sparse brows.

Why choose microbladed eyebrows?

There are many reasons why people come to Immaculate Touch for semi permanent make up (SPMU) and help with their eyebrows. For over a decade we have created beautiful, long-lasting brows (a.k.a. tattoo eyebrows) for our clients, always using the most up to date methods. We always start with a full consultation where we advise on the best approach for your eyebrow requirements. We then create semi permanent eyebrows that will balance your features and define your eyes.  



Procedure Time

2 hours

Recovery Time

4 weeks


Eyebrows are a key facial feature to get right. Whether you’re busy with work, family, sport or travel – knowing your eyebrows are constantly in shape is a timesaving confidence boost.

Microblading also removes the cost of eyebrow makeup and the time and stress required for effective and accurate application.

Imitating the look of natural hairs, microblading is for those wanting a more natural appearance.

They should last between 12 and 18 months. This will depend on individual factors; for example sun exposure, skin type and lifestyle will play a part. The colour pigment used for your treatment also plays a part in longevity.

We will help you choose the best shape that will suit both your features and goals. Before proceeding, we always ensure that our clients are entirely happy.

We have years of experience and understanding of medical situations that affect eyebrow growth. We advise on the most natural looking techniques. Please get in touch.

It’s a fact that eyebrows become more sparse over time, meaning it can be harder to keep them in a shape that both enhances your face and also looks natural. Semi Permanent Eyebrows make it easier to consistently look your best.

At Immaculate Touch, we are experienced in advising on the best and most natural looking techniques for ageing brows. We welcome you to  get in touch.

A carefully created, strong brow shape can act like a non-surgical eyelift and may actually make you look younger.

Microblading is not advised if you are taking blood thinners, have skin conditions such as eczema or are pregnant or breast feeding. Please contact us for further advice.

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