Semi Permanent Lips

Lips with definition and fullness create a beautiful, confident smile

What are semi permanent lips?

Imagine waking up to natural looking, well defined and subtlety colour- tinted lips – every day. With an elite treatment at Immaculate Touch, you can.

At Immaculate Touch we use Ombré lips and permanent makeup lip liners to help our clients gain fuller and bolder lips. SPMU (micropigmentation) uses precision equipment to deposit small amounts of hypoallergenic lip colour pigment into the dermal layer. Colour is blended into your natural lips which creates lip blushing, a fuller shape and beautiful definition – without the need for facial fillers.

Why choose semi permanent lips?

By using semi permanent makeup (SPMU) it is possible to expertly shape and colour your lips for a natural and more youthful look, whilst also correcting any dissymmetry. We take the time to consult and advise individually on the best approach for enhancing your lips. We then create permanent makeup lip liners and Ombré lips (a full lip tint) to complement your skin tone and features.  



Procedure Time

2 hours

Recovery Time

3-4 weeks


When practised by a fully trained professional, your treatment should last for 1-3 years, but yearly colour boosters are recommended.

As we age, the border of our lip becomes less defined and our natural lip colour fades. A semi permanent lip treatment helps you look younger without the need for a facial filler.

When each side of your mouth does not quite match, a semi permanent lip treatment can help equalise and enhance your features.

  • Confidence

Lips are a key facial feature to get right. Whether you’re busy with work, family, sport or travel, trusting that your lips have a beautiful colour and shape is a timesaving confidence boost.

  • Convenience

Remove the cost of makeup for lips and the time and stress in effective application and retouching.

  • Lipstick retouching

Lipstick is notorious for wearing off. A semi permanent lip treatment will keep your lips constantly perfect – with no need to re-apply lipliner or lipstick during the day.

At Immaculate Touch we advise on the colour for your lip liner and Ombré lips tint, taking into account your skin tone and lifestyle needs. We always ensure our clients are ready before proceeding.

Our lip treatments always start with a consultation. We carefully consider the shape and colour of your lips and ensure you know exactly what to expect before you make your decision. We then advise on the best approach.

There are many reasons why people come to us for help with their lips. For over a decade we have provided beautiful, long-lasting lip treatments for all our clients, always using the most up to date methods.

Semi permanent lips are a tattoo procedure and you might feel more discomfort or pain on the lips than on other parts of your body. It can take over 2 weeks for the first stage of the healing process to be completed.

We will fully advise on your aftercare during your consultation. In the first week it is important not to get your lips wet, and to leave any scabbing or flaking to heal. For the next 2 weeks avoid any direct water or sun exposure (including sunbeds) and avoid hair removal treatments close to your lips.

If you suffer from cold sores, we recommend that you use a medication called Aciclovir (available from online pharmacies) the week before your treatment. This will help ensure that your treatment can go ahead.

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