Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Enhanced eyes are the prettiest and most dominant feature on any face

What is semi permanent eyeliner?

Imagine waking up to striking eyes, already enhanced with natural looking, perfect eyeliner – every day. With an elite treatment at Immaculate Touch, you can.

At Immaculate Touch we use semi permanent makeup (SPMU) and tattooing techniques to add beautiful definition to your eyes. We offer different styles and thicknesses of eyeliner to complement your face and individual style, helping you to achieve a naturally framed shape that lifts and opens your eyes.

Why choose semi permanent eye liner?

Your eyes are a key facial feature described as the window to your soul. Applying enhancing eyeliner can look amazing, but is difficult to maintain. ‘Lash enhancement’ follows your lash line and gives the appearance of thicker lashes with a natural and even look.

At Immaculate Touch we consult and advise on the best approach for subtly enhancing your eyes. You can achieve an even and perfect look at all times – helping you to look your consistent best.  


From £289

Procedure Time

2 hours

Recovery Time

2-3 weeks


Semi Permanent eyeliner is a tattooing process. If applied by a trained professional it should last for 1-3 years, but yearly colour boosters are recommended. Other factors, such as UV exposure, natural oil production, skin peels or saunas can all affect this time.

We can create different styles and thicknesses of eyeliner to complement your face and individual style, and we will draw this on during consultation for you to see. We always ensure our clients are completely ready before proceeding.

Your eyeliner will be applied using semi permanent makeup (SPMU) – a process also known as micropigmentation. An anaesthetic cream is used for your comfort. Precision equipment is used to deposit small amounts of hypoallergenic pigment into the dermal layer of skin at different thicknesses.

  • No need to reapply

Your eyes will always look amazing, with no need to reapply makeup daily or remove it at night.

  • An even look for both eyes

It isn’t easy to create an identical shape for each eye. With semi permanent eyeliner your look is guaranteed to be symmetrical.

  • Express your individuality

A thicker and more striking look can be achieved (using a greater amount of pigment) in a design of your preference.

  • Confidence

You can feel confident that your eyeliner is precision perfect, whatever you’re doing.

  • Timesaving

Whether you’re busy with work, family, sport or travel, trusting that your eyes are beautifully framed is a timesaving confidence boost.

Semi permanent eyeliner is a tattoo procedure and you will probably feel some discomfort. However, we use an anaesthetic cream which is applied before the procedure begins.

It can take 2-3 weeks for the healing process to be completed. We will fully advise on your aftercare.

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