Jawline Slimming & Bruxism

Toxin injections for relief from teeth-grinding and an over-clenched jaw

What causes a clenched jawline and Bruxism?

The muscles of the jaw (masseter muscle) are very strong. If there is frequent teeth clenching or grinding, often happening at night, this can bulk out the muscle and give a square-jawed and more masculine contour.

Why choose this treatment for jawline slimming and bruxism?

After an injection of Toxin into the masseter muscle it will relax. This will give a more ‘feminine’ and slimmer contour to the lower face and will also bring relief from any teeth-grinding and headaches associated with an overly clenched jaw.


From £225

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Recovery Time

24 hours


This is a non-surgical treatment and is not painful. The needle is fine and anaesthetic cream is not normally needed.

The treatment is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Any mild swelling, redness or headaches should reduce within the first day.

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