Semi Permament Makeup Removal

When you’ve changed your mind about your semi permanent makeup…

What is semi permanent makeup removal?

If you have had a permanent or semi permanent makeup procedure you would now prefer to be removed, a safe salt/saline is the ideal way to remove the unwanted pigmentation.

Why choose semi permanent makeup removal?

Semi permanent makeup fades over time, but for many reasons you may not want to wait. The advantage of using a salt/saline technique is that it is safe for all skin types. It is also a more natural and holistic approach compared to laser treatments, and there is less risk of blistering, scarring or hyper/hypopigmentation (blotchy patches). In addition, the process is not colour selective. This means it is equally consistent on all ink colours, giving you a more consistent result.


£150 per sitting

Procedure Time

1 hour

Recovery Time

2 – 3 weeks


A special salt/saline solution is ‘tattooed’ into the chosen area. Once the area is slightly exposed, a salt paste is put onto the surface. This draws the ink to the surface using a process called ‘osmosis’.

There will be some discomfort on freshly treated skin, with some redness and tenderness and mild swelling. This is perfectly normal and symptoms will subside within a few days. The treated area will form a crust, which must not be picked at or rubbed. As the weeks progress, your tattoo will lighten and fade.

Each treatment plan is different. However, it’s important that you understand the process and what is required for optimum results. Complex areas can take six sessions or more, normally five to six weeks apart.

It depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo, and it is important to be realistic in your expectations. We will advise on the likely result on a case to case basis.

Every client is different. Once your consultation is complete, we will give you the total price of your treatment plan (including how many sessions) together with the cost per session.

Prior to any treatment we will carry out a consultation. This will include taking a medical history, discussing your expectations and giving you chance to ask any questions. You can have your first treatment at that point, or take time to think it over before making any commitment.

In some cases small tattoos can be completely removed.

No, hair growth will continue as normal.

Using a laser to remove an unwanted tattoo can be slow and expensive. It may require 10 or more sessions, and may not be removed completely. Nor is it recommended for dark skin or tanned skin (including fake tan).

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