Luxury Microblading Clinic around twenty minutes from Medway, Kent
Get pampered at our luxury private clinic

If you want to be cared for by an award-winning microblade artist, the Immaculate Touch luxury microblading clinic is only around 20 minutes away from Medway and is definitely worth the trip.

Our location

Our private clinic is nestled in the Kent countryside, about 10 miles outside of central Medway (view directions). You can also park safely and for free directly outside the clinic, free from the hustle and bustle of Medway’s busy roads.

Microblading near Medway

Microblading for your eyebrows is a long-lasting natural enhancement, helping you to wake up every morning looking as Immaculate as you did the night before.


Georgie is an award-winning microblade artist. She will start with a consultation to ensure that you are completely comfortable before proceeding. This includes discussing the shape and colour of your new brows and what to expect during (and after) the treatment.

Microblade eyebrows

If your daily regime involves the tiresome ritual of penciling in your eyebrows, a microblade treatment (also known as “eyebrow embroidery” or “eyebrow tattoo”) could be life-changing. It’s also ideal if you spend a fortune on eyebrow makeup or are tired of having hardly any eyebrows at all.

Microblading is a tattooing technique that uses a hand tool to apply pigment. Georgie will create natural-looking, ultra-fine lines that resemble individual hairs. Semi-permanent eyebrows look beautiful and natural. They can also be a life-changing method for those with very sparse brows.

Why it's worth the trip from Medway, Kent

Machine method eyebrows

Machine method eyebrows are similar to tattooing, so it’s not entirely painless. However, the treatments are gentler and less invasive than normal tattooing and an anaesthetic cream is applied before the treatment to further reduce discomfort.

This innovative process can create many looks including “Ombré brow”, which is a soft powdered effect brow that fades at the edges. Ombré brows, powder brows and Hairstroke simulation can all be achieved by the machine.

Semi-permanent eyeliner

Whether you choose a subtle ‘lash enhancement’ following your own lash line or a thicker and more striking look, semi-permanent eyeliner promises to open up any eye and offers you the benefit of not having to reapply it every day in with the struggle of creating an even look on each eye.

Semi-permanent eyeliner is applied using Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU), also known as micropigmentation. The technique involves using precision equipment to deposit small amounts of hypoallergenic pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance your natural beauty.

Semi Permanent lip tint and liners near Medway

We provide full lip tints (otherwise known as Ombre lips) and permanent makeup lip liners. We’ve helped many Medway clients gain fuller, bolder, more beautiful lips. Using semi-permanent makeup, we can expertly shape and colour your lips, producing a natural anti-ageing look, also correcting any dissymmetry issues.

We only use the very latest techniques for your lips to help you achieve a long-lasting perfect shape and colour. This is carefully crafted to compliment the shape of your face, natural smile but most importantly, your skin tone.

Google review – Katy’s amazing story!

“I was between the chaos of cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy, when a friend gently reminded me that alongside the hair loss on my head, my eyebrows would also fall out and that I would have to draw them on every day. Make up is not my forte, and neither is drawing and so my quest for microblading began. I had only 10 days (infection risk post treatment) to find someone that wouldn’t mess my face up.

Semipermanent make up is not a decision that I took lightly-would they be too dark? Too blocky? Would I end up with two sets of eyebrows once this is all over? I called a few places and explained my predicament, looked at pictures of peoples work and probably spent 48 hours panicking.

I didn’t get through to Georgie at first, in fact she called me back a couple of hours later, but I will be forever grateful that she did. We had a chat, I explained my situation, my concerns and she listened patiently and offered to squeeze me in that week. I decided that she was the one! I looked at her work some more, discussed it with my regular beautician who also looked and agreed that based on the pictures, Immaculate Touch was definitely the best place to go to get what I wanted. Natural looking eyebrows that would make me look normal during my treatment. This really mattered to me. It terrified me to look in the mirror and not have them.

I drove a fair distance to see Georgie, from Hythe to Dartford, but again, I’m so happy I did. We had a chat, and I explained that I didn’t want to change the shape of my face, and I’d had my eyebrows waxed and tinted as normal 2 days before. Georgie offered to slightly arch them to open up my face and I’m glad I listened to her. We went to the treatment room and she drew where she was going to microblade, showed me in the mirror first, we discussed it again and then she began. I bravely went without the numbing cream for all of 2 seconds-it’s a weird pain, like you can almost hear it as well, but as soon as the cream was on, it was comfortable. We had a lovely chat during the treatment, I can honestly say I felt like I’d known her years. It was a bit of therapy as well!

The microblading took about half an hour I think, they looked amazing, I duly took a selfie to send to those in the know and everyone agreed they looked fab.

A couple of days later and oh my god they were dark, I was terrified despite all the reassurance and I thought they would never go down. I felt like an extra from TOWIE and not in a good way. People noticed I’d had them down but were really complimentary and I think they were genuine, I was just very aware of them. Another couple of days later and they’d calmed right down. I was very very grateful by this point to know that I didn’t have to worry about them anymore, to know I’d have a line to draw to during chemo was a relief I can’t even explain. The compliments still rolled in and bizarrely, it was a great opener to tell people of my recent diagnosis!

As it happens, I’m 3 treatments in now, (out of six) and so far, my eyebrows haven’t all gone anyway. (I have it on good authority that they will!) They’re patchy but because of the microblading, you can’t see and I don’t even need to fill them out with powder yet. The best thing about them is that (as dictated by certain kind of law!) when the monobrow and strays come in, you can hardly notice anymore. My beautician could not believe it, I said to her ‘they need doing’ and she didn’t believe it until she got up close under the lamp.

I would highly recommend microblading, if done well, it makes a massive difference to the face and can take years off. It also means you don’t have to mess around with brow powders etc, which if you care-but not enough to bother everyday, it’s perfect! And if you’re going to go for microblading, I would more than highly recommend Georgie because not only is she a genuinely kind, warm and a good person (it does matter) but because she’s bloody good at it and you don’t want someone who’s not good at it drawing on your face!”
Katy Whitfield

Fascinating facts – What areas of Kent does Medway cover?

The main towns that are referred to as the “Medway Towns” are considered to be Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, and Rainham. Of course, there are many smaller places (villages, hamlets etc.) such as Frindsbury and Brompton.

Many smaller areas still have parish councils including Cuxton, Halling and Wouldham (Medway Gap) which lie to the south of Rochester and Strood. Then we have Hoo St Werburgh, Cliffe, High Halstow, St Mary Hoo, Allhallows, Stoke and Grain which are on the Hoo Peninsula to the north.

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