Karen Haywood

Microblade eyebrows
23rd May 2017

After not having eyebrows for many years due to personal circumstances, I attended an open evening at the willow tree clinic. There I saw pictures of ladies that had had microblading eyebrows done, I thought to myself wow they look amazing, so I saw Georgie and she explained how it was done and so I booked to have mine done at the clinic in Kent. It’s the best thing I have ever spent money on!
I was a little worried it would hurt but I was amazed; I had numbing cream applied and was taken through all that would happen during the micro-blading process. After the treatment had finished I was given a mirror and I could have cried – The results were amazing. If any lady out there is sick of penciling your eyebrows, then I highly recommend you have micro-blading as I had mine done early last year and they still look amazing. It’s well worth the money and it’s a little uncomfortable but not painful.
It’s the best result I have ever seen. Don’t bother getting tattoo eyebrows have this done you will be so happy like I was x

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