how much are lip fillers

How Much Are Lip Fillers?


Lip fillers have surged in popularity for individuals aiming to enhance their lips with added volume and definition. A common enquiry pertains to the cost: How much are lip fillers? This piece delineates the elements that influence the price of lip fillers, offering clarity prior to making your decision.

Deciphering Lip Filler Costs

The price range for lip fillers can vary significantly, influenced by several pivotal factors:

Type of Filler

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are predominantly chosen for lip augmentation due to their efficacy and safety profile. Brands like Juvederm and Restylane vary in price based on their unique formulations and lasting effects.

Practitioner’s Expertise

The fee for an experienced practitioner often reflects their high level of expertise, ensuring not only the aesthetic results you aspire to but also paramount safety and care during the procedure.

Geographic Location

The clinic’s location significantly impacts costs. Establishments in larger cities or affluent areas may have higher prices due to elevated operational expenses.

Volume of Filler Utilised

The overall cost is also contingent on the quantity of filler needed to fulfil your aesthetic goals. More substantial volume enhancements necessitating additional product will affect the price accordingly.

Typical Cost Range

Prices are subject to fluctuation, yet you might anticipate paying between £200 and £600 per syringe of HA filler. The total number of syringes required varies from person to person.

Prioritising Quality

In contemplating lip fillers, the choice of a reputable practitioner and clinic is paramount. While lower-cost options may seem appealing, they can compromise both the safety and the efficacy of your treatment. A commitment to quality ensures not only beautiful results but also a safer experience.

The Importance of a Consultation

An in-depth consultation with your practitioner will afford you a tailored quote, reflecting your specific requirements and anticipated outcomes. This conversation is vital for a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved and the procedure itself.


The cost of lip fillers is influenced by the type of filler, the expertise of the practitioner, the clinic’s location, and the amount of product required. Although prices may vary, prioritising expertise and quality over cost is crucial for attaining the best results. At Immaculate Touch, we pride ourselves on offering transparent pricing and exceptional care to all our clients. To explore your lip enhancement options and gain a detailed understanding of the costs, contact us to arrange a consultation.

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