Forma lunchtime facial

Forma – The Lunchtime Facial

They say “no pain, no gain” and while there can be an element of truth with some beauty treatments, it certainly isn’t the case with either of the new Forma treatments that we’ve recently introduced at our Kent aesthetic clinic.

What is Forma Beauty Treatment?

In simple terms, Forma technology can best be summed up as a type of anti-wrinkle treatment, but in reality, it’s so much more than just that. It works by stimulating the formation of new collagen in the skin which not only improves the skin’s elasticity in the short term but also delivers remarkable long-lasting results as well.

What Forma treatments do we offer?

Like our Morpheus8 treatment, Forma also uses exactly the same type of radio frequency technology and it’s this that is used for both of the Forma treatments we offer. They work in the same way to each other but the smaller device is used on the face and neck (our Forma Radio Frequency Facial treatment) and the larger device is used for the arms, thighs and abdomen (our Forma Plus Body Sculpting treatment).

In both cases, a current is generated between electrodes embedded in the hand-held device and when the current flows between these electrodes, it produces what can best be described as a gentle, thermal effect on the skin. Because of its advanced technology, it reaches an optimal epidermal temperature to achieve the best results with most users reporting no pain either during or after treatment.

What are the benefits of Forma Aesthetic Treatments?

As we’ve already mentioned, Forma isn’t just another run-of-the-mill anti-wrinkle treatment. Because it stimulates the production of collagen, it creates both tighter and firmer skin. For the face and neck area, this results in a reduction of crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles while restoring the structure of your skin. For your body, it targets lax skin and can therefore help with cellulite. In a more general sense, because Forma Body Sculpting promotes and triggers new collagen fibres in the deepest layers of your skin, you’ll immediately notice that you have tighter skin in all the areas that have been treated.

What does the procedure feel like?

As you can see in the video below, the Forma “wand” is moved across the surface of your skin and because of the thermal effects of the treatment, some have jokingly referred to it as feeling like you’re having your skin ironed!.. obviously not quite as hot though 🙂

In case you’re concerned, the Forma wand has a temperature sensor built into it which is able to read the surface temperature of your skin 1000 times per second. This allows us to detect the skin’s temperature in real-time for optimal treatment effectiveness. And don’t worry, the device can’t exceed 43°C. In fact, the clinical evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to temperatures around this mark can actually produce better results.

Duration, results and recovery time

There’s a reason that the Forma Facial is sometimes referred to as the ‘lunchtime facial’. As it’s non-invasive, there’s no discernable downtime so it’s something you can quite literally have done during a lunch break if you wanted to. Although a few clients do report some skin redness directly after treatment, this quickly fades and your skin returns to normal within a few hours. The upside is that you’ll notice the results pretty much instantly too. If you’ve had the facial, think of it as getting all the benefits of a non-surgical facelift. For the body, it’s smoother and tighter. Regarding timings, the facial usually takes around 30 minutes or so whereas the body sculpture is usually slightly longer, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the areas covered.

What is A.C.E. technology? (The geeky bit)

If you’ve heard of Forma and have read that it uses A.C.E. technology, you won’t often find out what this actually means. A.C.E. is an acronym that stands for the three steps of the process – Acquire, Control and Extend.

Acquire: As mentioned earlier, the hand-held Forma device has a temperature sensor built into it that reads your skin surface temperature 1000 times per second.

Control: The machine’s software algorithm is then able to use the data to optimise the safety and efficiency of the radio frequency delivery with the “cut off” temperature reducing the RF energy automatically once the required skin temperature is reached.

Extend: The above two steps can then be used to maintain the ideal operating therapeutic temperatures (heat) of the device both safely and efficiently, to maximise efficacy.

Durability and frequency of treatment

One of the really great aspects of both Forma treatments is the flexibility of the treatment regime. You’ll notice the difference even after one treatment so you don’t have to have more if you don’t need or want them.  For instance, you may just want one treatment the day before an event.  For the best and longest-lasting results you may want to consider having regular treatments – In fact, the more you have the more cost-effective it becomes as we offer really great deals if you book a block of six sessions over a six week period,


As you can see, this advanced aesthetic treatment really is designed to produce optimum results with the least invasive methodology. As such, you can leave our clinic and carry on with your day normally. This includes applying makeup straight away if you wish.

About us

Here at our luxury beauty and aesthetics clinic in Kent, we pride ourselves on the first-class care and service we provide. Forma is the latest in the comprehensive range of treatments we offer so please get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.

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