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Natural Injectables – Is This Even Possible?

Natural injectables – Is this even possible?? With so many new products being constantly released on the market, it can be a minefield!

In this post, I talk about my own experiences of having injectables at a young age and answer many frequently asked questions and concerns that I hear on a day to day basis as an experienced injectables practitioner based in Kent. Also, be sure to check out my gallery to see for yourself some of the amazing results my clients have had.

Do you know what they do? How can they help you?

One of the main and most important questions widely asked is, can you have these injectable treatments whilst still maintaining a natural appearance? I’d like to try and cover this from my own experience and also that as a working aesthetic practitioner.

My early experiences with injectables

My first experience in the world of injectables as a customer was at the age of 22; yes I know… some of you may say this is too young and I would agree if we were basing this upon the ageing face, but back then my job was different and I remember meeting a girl at one of the jobs who had beautiful, plump, luscious lips and it didn’t take me long to find out where she had been and to get an appointment booked in myself.

I remember the appointment as if it were yesterday. I arrived at this little beauty salon, went in down to the back room where a lady took me through the consultation process and spoke me through my options.

The benefit of hindsight

At the age of 22, I did think that bigger was better and rather than go for the one ml of dermal filler that the practitioner had advised me to, I pushed for 1.5 ml and I remember crying that evening when my partner told me I had ruined my face. It was at this stage I very quickly learnt that sometimes less is more and this was definitely one of those times!!!

I later decided to try anti-wrinkle injections and again this wasn’t because I had signs of ageing but it was more my genetics and certain lines that appeared upon laughing that I disliked.

So, fast forward many years later and I am now an aesthetic practitioner myself carrying out beauty treatments for men and women who are seeking to recapture their youth by having ‘tweakments’ to areas they dislike on their faces or simply because the ageing process has not been kind.

The majority of my clients are 30s+ and they aren’t wanting anything to change how they look and this bit is what I love most about my job because going back to that 22-year-old girl, I do know that this can be a mistake and enhancing our own natural beauty rather than change it, is usually the better option!

Now for the fun part! How can we restore that glow?

Dermal fillers are an incredibly popular injectable solution of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that occurs naturally within our own bodies and particularly within the skin’s collagen stores, where you will find it creates a firmness, elasticity, and a smooth texture to the skin’s surface.

As we age, this collagen is unfortunately gradually lost, which is why we all begin to notice visible changes to our faces, from fine lines and wrinkles to drooping and a more hollow, less contoured appearance. This process begins from our mid-twenties but it is more obvious when we hit our thirties.

By the introduction of hyaluronic acid injected back into the face to the areas of concern, clients can see significant results, whilst naturally restoring their youth and reversing those ghastly signs of ageing.

So Dermal fillers are a great option, but for some, scary! … Why? Because Dermal Fillers focus on lifting, restoring volume and augmenting facial features, they are a hyaluronic acid that contains a binding compound to create this volume, fullness and lift.

Below are some frequent concerns that Dermal fillers can help resolve or soften:

  • Restoring volume to the face after fat loss
  • Reducing facial lines and wrinkles
  • Contouring or reshaping facial features
  • Midface facial fat loss and lift
  • Restoring volume under the eyes (tear trough)
  • Nose, lip, chin and jaw augmentation

Are there other options if dermal fillers are not for you?

The answer to this is yes! Skin boosters (otherwise known as injectable moisturisers) are intended to make your skin look and feel better. They do not change the shape or contours of the face but they do help with the skin’s texture, tone, fine lines and plumpness.

They are a less complex combination injectable that only includes the hyaluronic acid (water) of dermal filler without the binding compound I mention above that create the volume a Dermal filler would create.

Here are some of the benefits of skin boosters:

  • Improving the skin’s hydration
  • Improving the skins quality, texture, elasticity and firmness, you may have seen they call it the airbrush injectable.
  • Reducing the appearance of acne scarring
  • Reducing fine lines
  • Improving imperfections of the skin including hyperpigmentation.

When my clients ask about these injectables I explain to them as a ‘miracle grow’ that we may have all used on our plants to make them appear their best, that is injected into the skin to improve the appearance of your face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Here at Immaculate Touch, we offer Profhilo and Sunekos skin boosters.

Sunekos is an injectable treatment, which like the dermal fillers we use contains hyaluronic acid. What makes Sunekos different is the patented formula of amino acids, which is added alongside the hyaluronic acid.

Sunekos has a potent mix of amino acids which includes glycine, L-proline, L-leucine, L-lysine HCI, L-valine and L-alanine help to regenerate the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) – the building blocks which help to make the wall – by stimulating fibroblasts, or skin cells, to produce new collagen and elastin, repairing and rebuilding the skin.

Sunekos process is referred to as dermal biogenesis, meaning in short, skin regeneration. This treatment along with Profhilo is great for those who want to maintain a more natural look or those who do not want or need anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers.

Less is more…

So, I have covered the different injectables methods that can be used to help restore your youth and give you that fresher appearance that we are all in search of and if the thought of having a dermal filler injected to create volume or contour is something that does scare you then skin boosters are a great option to start you off on your injectable journey. Sometimes these do give clients the change they require and this is where they stop!

How much Demal Filler should I have?

It is a common misconception with new clients that achieving obvious results requires a larger amount of filler but in reality, beautiful results can be achieved with little filler; sometimes only 1 to 2 mils. When treating lips at my clinic for first-timers I usually recommend just 0.5ml. This amount can give lips noticeable plump and a more contoured look. I always aim to avoid the overfilled look. Remember we can always add, but taking away isn’t so easy.

Restoring your natural beauty or youth does not need the use of large quantities of filler.

The correct approach in my eyes requires much more delicacy and finesse rather than using as much filler as possible in problematic areas, that’s an easy option!

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At Immaculate Touch Beauty, our dermal filler treatments and skin boosters are performed using only the very best, high-quality products and equipment all of which meet the FDA standards. If you’re still subside feel free to take a look at my reviews from clientele some of whom have been returning to the clinic for further treatments for many years.

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