Why we're the best choice in Maidstone for dermal fillers

Why we’re the perfect choice for local dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are an extremely popular and safe option if you are in search of recapturing a more youthful you.

Whether it’s for your lips, cheeks, marionettes or tear troughs, finding a qualified practitioner that’s locally based is certainly easier now than it was a few years ago. If you’re in Maidstone and have recently searched for a local dermal filler clinic, you’ll probably see quite a few other companies advertised.

So why choose Immaculate Touch?

As mentioned earlier, dermal fillers and other aesthetic procedures have only become more popular over the years, being offered by many. Some clinics just offer dermal fillers, while others offer only skin boosters.

The problem here can be is that when aesthetics isn’t specialised in as whole, there are limits regarding what other related services they can offer. For example, you may have already decided in advance that dermal fillers are what you want to have. but, is this really the best decision for your specific set of circumstances and desired outcome?

In other words, there may be alternative options that you hadn’t considered or didn’t even know about that could turn out to be a better initial choice, especially when new to the world of injectables.

Some of the results we achieve

Here at Immaculate Touch, we specialise in aesthetics and it’s all we do. Aside from dermal fillers, we also offer Profhilo, Lumecca IPL Facial and the revolutionary new Morpheus8 treatment. All of these can achieve similar results with Profhilo being a great place to start when you are new to aesthetics. With that being said, Dermal fillers can still be an option later on if the Profhilo glow and plump wasn’t quite enough.

Another thing to consider if you’re in the Maidstone area is that Immaculate Touch is owned and operated by Georgie. When not spending quality time with her family, she lives and breathes aesthetics

When you visit the clinic, you get that personal experience directly from the owner themself who will ONLY recommend a treatment that she thinks is the best choice for each individual – even if it is a cheaper option.

Thirdly, we are locally based, just a few miles down the road in East Malling. The location is beautiful and tranquil and there’s ample free parking so there’s no stressing out over finding a parking space and worrying you’ve paid for a long enough stay.

Plumper, fuller lips

When you arrive, you’ll have an in-depth consultation where we’ll answer any questions you have, discuss what you’re looking to achieve, and how we can best go about it and we’ll also go over all of the medical aspects of each potential treatment including risks and aftercare.

All in all, why not try us first? – we’re certain you’ll be glad you did!

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