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Plasma Skin Tightening; The Amazing, New Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment (6 Reasons To Go For It!)

Plasma Skin Tightening (also known as Fibroblast) is a revolutionary new, non-invasive, low-risk, affordable cosmetic treatment. Not only can it be used to reduce excess skin, it’s also an ideal solution for:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Glabellar Lines (The lines between the eyebrows)
  • Crow’s feet (periorbital lines)
  • Smoker’s lines (perioral lines)
  • Jawline tightening
  • Nasolabial lines
  • Face and neck lifting
  • Removal of benign lesions (such as skin tags, sunspots, xanthelasma)
  • Scars, including acne scars and stretch marks
  • Thread vein removal

There are so many tried and tested skin-rejuvenation methods on the market, so you may feel that a procedure that is relatively new is not the one for you. However, Plasma Skin Tightening has been extensively tested, tweaked and improved, and is fast becoming one of the most popular face-lift alternatives in the world!

Our Remarkable Skin

Many of us underappreciate the miracle that is our skin. It is more than just an outer cosmetic layer for our bodies, it is the largest and arguably hardest working organ of the human body. It is the first line of defence against the day to day onslaught of the outside world, a remarkable and resilient force against the elements! So, no matter how well you look after yourself; regardless of how great your diet is, how much sunscreen you use or how hard you work out, your skin will inevitably begin to show signs of age at some point. This is totally natural and normal.

This ageing manifests itself in the form of lost skin elasticity. The skin gradually loses its ability to spring back into place, this is how sagging and wrinkling occurs. It also becomes more fragile due to a decrease in the body’s ability to produce collagen, which means less facial fat, and therefore a less full and plump appearance.

Although this ageing is present all over the body, the area of skin for which we have the most concern is the face. There are many popular ways in which the facial skin can be encouraged to regain youth and elasticity, from simple moisturisers and oils to complex surgical procedures. However, a new procedure known as Plasma Skin Tightening brings together all the best elements of these methods in order to create a skin rejuvenation solution that is truly effective, accessible and affordable.

What is Plasma Skin Tightening?

As the name suggests, this treatment simply tightens the skin. Many creams and lotions market themselves with a promise of tighter skin as their primary USP (unique selling point). Although many of these are effective, none of them has the longevity and instantaneous effectiveness of this non-surgical procedure. Your skin can appear completely revitalised after as few as three or four treatments.

In a nutshell, a Plasma Skin Tightening treatment encourages the body to use its own processes to tighten skin. Plasma is formed by ionising atmospheric gas, which is infused into the skin via microscopic, laser-made incisions. This stimulates the body’s repair systems and leads to the following effects:

  • The skin fibres contract and shorten, reducing the surface area of the skin, therefore eradicating lines and wrinkles.
  • It causes controlled skin damage. This may sound ominous, but fear not! A small amount of damage kick starts the healing process, which produces natural collagen and elastin, resulting in plumper, tighter skin.
  • The pores of the skin become considerably less visible.
  • Your blood circulation is stimulated in the treated area, giving the skin colour and a sensation of refreshment.

6 Great Reasons To Go For Plasma Skin Tightening

  1. It’s Quick – As aesthetic repair and enhancement procedures go, this one is extremely quick; a short enough procedure that you could fit it into your lunch hour and still have time for a sandwich! Sessions will vary in length depending on the client’s needs, but the average is somewhere around 30 minutes.
  2. Diverse Application – The procedure is extremely precise and accurate. Because of this, the treatment can be harnessed for a huge variety of requirements. Not only can the Plasma treatment be used to tighten areas of skin on the face, it can also be used to deal with the following: Tattoo removal, perioral lines, neck lifts, benign legion removal, scar removal, thread vein removal, crow’s feet removal and jawline tightening.
  3. Effective – The effect of the treatment is almost instant. It is guaranteed that you will see a visible and marked difference in the quality of your skin immediately after your first treatment. Although your skins’ full potential will not be reached until you have undergone three or four sessions, the speed at which the full effect can be reached is considerably faster than that of any competing procedure or treatment. It has also been proven to be effective for much longer than any other non-surgical skin rejuvenation solution.
  4. Relatively Pain-Free – This is slightly helped by the application of a local anaesthetic. But even so, one of the most inviting aspects of this treatment is that it is virtually pain-free. This is true of the session itself and of the following recovery period. Yes, there may be a little discomfort during the recovery time in the days following a session, but slight discomfort is as bad as it gets – totally worth it for the glowing skin you get in return! There are also wonderful oils and ointments available for any inflammation that might occur.
  5. Non-Invasive – This treatment serves up a dramatic change. This kind of improvement in skin quality has only truly been achieved by more invasive surgical procedures up to this point. With this, there are no cuts or incisions made, no direct contact with any tools or instruments, no undignified surgical gowns, and no periods of heavy sedation. This is as open and ‘non-scary’ as this kind of rejuvenation procedure could possibly get!
  6. Reasonably Short Recovery Period – One of the downsides of surgery is that you have to take quite a bit of time out.  This doesn’t mean there are no side effects, of course, your skin does go through a dramatic change, so will need to recover. The swelling varies between clients and in some cases, sensitivity and redness can last up to two weeks. However, these effects are no worse than a little redness or inflammation and advice will be given on products to use to help cover and care for this. These signs of repair and recovery generally subside within 7 -10  days. The worse case scenario is that your skin takes a couple of weeks to heal depending on lifestyle and certain skin types.

Please Note:

These are general guidelines only and results will vary from client to client. Although this is not a surgical procedure a certain amount of downtime is to be expected and care taken following the procedure. Medical history and a full consultation will be discussed prior to treatment.

Qualified and Experienced

Here at Immaculate Touch, we’re experienced, qualified and, perhaps most importantly, talented practitioners. We work with you to make sure that you end up with results that are of the highest quality and that you’ll be excited to live with!

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch for free advice or to book a consultation.

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