Microblade Eyebrows for YouTube Star Shadey Bangs

Some time ago we penned a very brief blog about YouTube star Shadey Bangs after she visited our clinic for Microblade Eyebrows. In case you’re not aware, Shadey has over 130,000 subscribers to her hugely popular YouTube channel and regular documents her experiences regarding all things beauty-related. As she mentions in the video, she’s obsessed with her eyebrows and wanted to get the perfect look to ease her daily brow routine.

What Is Microblading?

Before we dive in, let’s give a brief summary of what Microblading actually is. Coming under the banner of ‘semi-permanent makeup’ or ‘SPMU’, it’s the process of implanting pigment into your eyebrows to create a more natural, fuller look. When done correctly, it’s a fabulous way to look and feel great by not only enhancing your eyebrows but also by acting as a frame for the face, which balances your features and defines your eyes. In short, you’ll wake up with ‘Perfect Eyebrows’ every day without the need for makeup.

Similar to tattooing, we use a special hand tool to apply the pigment just under the surface of the skin; the tool looks similar to a fine scalpel but with a series of microneedles instead of a blade. The microblade is dipped into the pigment and is then used to make a fine cut, or micro-stroke, in the skin. As the process is less invasive than a traditional tattoo, the results aren’t permanent and will fade over time. This gives you the freedom to change your look in the future if you wish, without the risk of having to stay with the permanent effects of a normal tattoo.

Individual Hand Strokes Or Machine Method Eyebrows?

As Shadey says, she had the choice of opting for microblade eyebrows that are created with the hand tool mentioned above, or ‘Machine Method’ eyebrows instead. The Machine Method consists of a very small needle which is attached to a pen-like device that’s connected to the machine. Using this method, a variety of looks can be created such as ‘Ombré Brows’, which give a soft, powdered effect that fades at the edges. As I mention in the video, the machine method penetrates the skin slightly deeper so each stroke creates a thicker overall look. Shadey chose the hand-method as she felt the Machine Method was too “blocky” for her desired look. She’s also had tattoos in the past and was concerned about having the machine near her face so, with the microblade method, she felt it was less daunting, less invasive and would cause less trauma to her skin.

Recommended By A Friend

Shadey chose Immaculate Touch because a trusted friend of hers recommended us.

She admits she was slightly nervous prior to her visit but “felt right at home” after arriving for her consultation prior to treatment. In the consultation, she said she wanted to wake up with “naturally full brows” so we outlined the area for treatment with a small pencil so that we could agree on the shape she wanted. Next, it was time to choose the ink (pigment). She was delighted that we took plenty of time to choose the right colour; one that would suit her undertones and dark complexion. At Immaculate Touch, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to skin tones. Having a comprehensive understanding of varying ethnic skin types and different skin tones is vital.

Cat Scratches

In the video, Shadey mentions that she has a fear of blood and needles and was delighted that this wasn’t an issue during her visit. She says she found the treatment slightly painful, describing it as being similar to “cat scratches” and she could also hear the sound of the microblade on her skin. As it turned out, the latter being the more of an issue for her. It’s important to mention that everyone has different phobias and a different pain threshold and most of our clients aren’t overly troubled by either of these; we only mention it here because we want to (in Shadey’s words) “keep it real”.

Treatment Time

As Shadey already had great eyebrows that weren’t sparse to begin with, the treatment didn’t take very long. As Shadey points out, if you have very thin or sparse eyebrows, then you should expect it to take longer and it may be slightly more expensive due to the additional time and work that’s needed to get the perfect result.


Shadey notes in her video that her eyebrows continued to darken slightly for the first two weeks following her visit to us. This is perfectly normal and is to be expected. She also struggled slightly with not being able to get her eyebrows wet during this time but was thrilled when she was finally able to properly exfoliate her skin after the initial two weeks had passed.

Follow Up Appointment

Your “Top Up” can take place anytime from six weeks to three months after your first treatment and is included in the price. At the time of making the video, Shadey’s follow-up appointment was nearly due and she was keen to revisit so that the great results we’d achieved would last longer. She correctly points out that the length of time your microblade eyebrows will last can depend on several factors, with dryer skin giving longer lasting results compared to oily skin. She also says that exfoliating too frequently will reduce the longevity of your microblade eyebrows as the abrasive nature of exfoliating strips off a tiny layer of skin.

Checklist – Do’s & Don’t’s

Once her treatment was complete, Shadey was given the list that all of our microblade clients are given following their treatment. In the video, she uses the list we gave her to let her viewers know the other things they’ll need to be mindful of. If you’re thinking of having the same treatment as Shadey, she also points out that you should avoid strong and direct sunlight on your brows if you can so if you’re going on holiday, make sure you take a hat and wear sunscreen too! She informs her viewers that there was very slight scabbing after she was treated and it also itched for a while too. Despite not liking having to let the area heal naturally by not scratching or picking it, she nevertheless describes this as “totally worth it” in the end.

Watch The Video

It was such a pleasure to meet the lovely Shadey Bangs and we’re delighted that she was kind enough to feature our work in one of her hugely popular videos. Like Shadey, if you want superb, natural-looking results, confident in the knowledge that you’re dealing with professionals, then get in touch with us today to arrange your consultation.

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