Can dermal fillers be reversed, dissolved or removed?

Can dermal fillers be reversed/removed?

The short answer is yes; if you’ve visited a clinic to have dermal fillers and you’re not happy with how they look, we can remove them for you. If you have a moment and have time to read our Dissolving Dermal Fillers page, you’ll see that this is sometimes a better option than trying to improve or adjust what’s already there.

Why might you want to dissolve them?

There can be various reasons why someone might choose to have their dermal fillers dissolved/removed but the most common reason by far is that they’re not happy with the results. It could be due to asymmetry (wonkiness), lumps, overcorrection, or ‘migration’ whereby the filler can move from the original injection site to another area. Often, it’s simply because they just don’t like their new appearance as much as they thought they would.

Although much rarer, it can be due to complications from a vascular occlusion (blood flow blockage), an infection or granulomas (nodules caused by an immune reaction). These, however, are done on more urgent circumstances and not something you would book in ahead of time for.

Why can’t they be improved or corrected rather than dissolved?

Although not impossible, it generally isn’t advisable to re-inject over a poorly placed filler, mainly because it usually won’t correct the problem or improve the appearance. However, if the problem is only quite minor, this can be considered as an option. Of course, when you visit us for a consultation, this is something we’ll discuss based on your specific circumstances and appearance.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

The cost of removal starts at £150.00 and takes on average around about half an hour. Please be advised a patch test is always required prior to treatment.

How is it done?

To dissolve unwanted fillers, an enzyme called hyaluronidase is injected into and around the problem area to break down the filler. The process usually takes around 2 weeks and once broken down it passes through the lymphatic system and leaves the body through the urine.

Is it painful?

You’ll be glad to know that we use a very fine needle to inject the hyaluronidase and as such, the process isn’t very painful – it’s a similar feeling to that experienced with a lip filler treatment. Swelling is possible post-treatment depending on the filler which was previously used in the area and some can swell quite significantly but this subsides as the product breaks down. You may also experience some bruising afterwards but don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.

Can it be done in one session?

This depends on the area and complexity of each individual treatment. In our experience lip fillers usually dissolve in one session, but other areas can take more. We’ll be happy to advise you about this when you visit us for an initial consultation.

Do I need to take any precautions after my treatment?

After your filler dissolving injection(s), you should avoid vigorous exercise. Also, don’t touch or rub the area and try to stay out of areas of extreme heat or cold (including saunas). The treated area should be kept sterile and you should avoid wearing makeup for at least 24 hours. Additionally, stay out of the sun (including sunbeds) for at least two days.

Can I come back to Immaculate Touch for dermal fillers at a later date?

If you’ve had dermal fillers elsewhere and are unhappy with the results and have visited us to have them dissolved, we’d be happy to see you at a future appointment. However, you must wait at least four weeks to make sure your tissue has replenished nicely before re-injection with new dermal filler. In some circumstances, we do advise on waiting longer, depending on the severity of the migration experienced.

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